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  • Yamagata Kaku Restaurants SpecialsYamagata Kaku Restaurants Specials
    Dining Packages
    2018.09.30 Update

    Yamagata Kaku Restaurants Specials

    There are Chinese, Western and Japanese styles for your choices. You will get to taste the local ingredients in Chinese, Western or Japanese styles with a variety of dishes. You can experience all the exotic cuisines at once.

    2018.09.30 Update
  • Yamagata Kaku Wang Chun Feng PackagesYamagata Kaku Wang Chun Feng Packages
    Dining Packages
    2018.09.30 Update

    Yamagata Kaku Wang Chun Feng Packages

    Creative Big Feast, Yamagata Kaku Well-Selected Fresh Ingredients, Eat What You Like!

    2018.09.30 Update
  • Whale Watching Summer PackageWhale Watching Summer Package
    2018.09.10 Update

    Whale Watching Summer Package

    Let's go whale watching on Turtle Island with Yamagata Kaku Hotel& Spa

    2018.09.10 Update




Escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life
into a hidden paradise deep in the Lanyang Plain.
Sit peacefully while enjoying the views from Yamagata Kaku
and experience the history and culture of the Kavalan lands;
lose yourself in time and space
and feel as if you’re enjoying the rural countryside
of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.


A simple conception and meaning filled with Zen,
experience with your five senses in Yamagata Kaku
Time, Spirit, Body, Water, Views, Light, Sound