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About Yamagata Kaku

Escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life into a hidden paradise deep in the Lanyang Plain. Sit peacefully while enjoying the views from Yamagata Kaku
and experience the history and culture of the Kavalan lands; lose yourself in time and space and feel as if you’re enjoying the rural countryside of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

Step into Yamagata Kaku and feel the noise of the city drown out behind you. Experience the mountain temples, forests, and other historical sites beloved by masterful Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō and temporarily abandon the grind of daily life.
While being located in an urban environment, the space maintains a pocket of serenity in the city and is filled with the culture, history, sights, breath, and memories of the Kavalan people.
The fragments of their memories and lives are concentrated within Yamagata Kaku.