• Banquet Hall: Kavalan Hall
    Banquet Facilities

    Banquet Hall: Kavalan Hall

    The unique arc design of the floor to ceiling windows provides full view of the Lanyang Plain and Xueshan Range. Enjoy the view of newlyweds and nature to elevate your dining experience with elegance; accommodates a Chinese banquet of 19 tables (10 persons per table) and allows for customization to fulfill your duties as a host with perfection. The optimal choice for wedding banquets, corporate vacations, and corporate announcement events.

  • Scenic Restaurant: Yonezawa

    Scenic Restaurant: Yonezawa

    The chef team at Yamagata Kaku pays visits to the harbor and farms to talk to farmers and fishermen for a selection of premium ingredients coupled with fresh local flavors; through creativity and innovation, the chef will provide you with an unforgettable meal.

  • Ramen


    Insists on authentic flavors insists on authentic flavors and walks the path of traditional ramen
    The broth is simmered for 10 hours straight using pork bones to achieve the rich flavor of authentic Kyushu Hakata style ramen with no additives