Scenic Restaurant: Yonezawa


    The chef team at Yamagata Kaku pays visits to the harbor and farms to talk to farmers and fishermen for a selection of premium ingredients coupled with fresh local flavors; through creativity and innovation, the chef will provide you with an unforgettable meal.

    1.Floor: Top Floor
    2.Features: Upon entering the restaurant, guests are greeted with the unique view of Yilan’s spiritual landmark Guishan Island intertwined with Lanyang Plain. With the advantage of natural resources and local ingredients, the chef’s team at Yamagata Kaku presents rich and diverse creative cuisine that will make you savor every bite.
    3.Restaurant Hours: Breakfast (07:00-10:30)、 Lunch (11:30-14:00)、Dinner Set Menu (17:30-21:30)
    4.Price: Starting at NT$800
    5.Reservations: 03-987-2323