Banquet Hall: Kavalan Hall


    The unique arc design of the floor to ceiling windows provides full view of the Lanyang Plain and Xueshan Range. Enjoy the view of newlyweds and nature to elevate your dining experience with elegance; accommodates a Chinese banquet of 19 tables (10 persons per table) and allows for customization to fulfill your duties as a host with perfection. The optimal choice for wedding banquets, corporate vacations, and corporate announcement events.

    1.Floor: Top Floor
    2.Features: The catering team at Yamagata Kaku primarily selects local ingredients such as Yilan’s fresh seafood to create unique dishes from our chef’s menu. Each visit will be filled with expectations, surprises, and unforgettable memories for your palette.
    3.Provided Cuisines: Chinese table cuisine, banquet food items, reception banquets.
    4.Price: Starting from NT$8,000
    5.Reservations: 03-988-8721