• Standard Double Room

    Standard Double Room

    Fully take in the views of Xueshan Range and the freedom of the mountains by enjoying the views of nature. At night, relax with a soak in the independent hot spring at your leisure.

  • Standard Twin Room

    Standard Twin Room

    The view overlooks Jiaoxi’s Tang Zi Cheng and allows you to take in the skies, clouds, and greenery. The guest room accommodates a one-ton hot spring that will be sure to revitalize you.

  • Superior Twin Room

    Superior Twin Room

    Situated in the optimum location of the hotel, the floor to ceiling windows are filled with the vibrant and beautiful Lanyang Plain. The spiritual landmark Guishan Island greets travelers, anxiously awaiting the excitement of your journey through Yilan.

  • Grand View Twin Room

    Grand View Twin Room

    Walk into the foyer for a spacious, flowing space with a view of the city and plains in the large window frame that greets the guest with an up-close view like a painting. Guests can make themselves comfortable at Yamagata Kaku to begin their exploration of this beautiful land and the secrets of Yilan.

  • Deluxe Twin Room

    Deluxe Twin Room

    The 14 ping space offers spaciousness through the penetrative properties of glass; changes from dawn to dusk allows you to bask in the wonder of natural sunlight and moonlight. Furthermore, the room contains handcrafted tatami inherited by Yilan County craftsmen across three generations fills the room with the natural fragrance of soft rush.

  • Yamagatakaku Room

    Yamagatakaku Room

    The elegantly calming 16 ping guest room features soft lighting and rounded wood tones to create a relaxing atmosphere; the generously sized hot spring is perfect for a deep soak to relax both body and mind and prepare you for new beginnings in your wonderful journey.

  • Yamagatakaku Suite

    Yamagatakaku Suite

    The comfortable and stress-free 25 ping living area was designed with soft and gentle colors to emanate the affinity of nature; the outdoor hot spring combines hot springs, light rest, reading, and tranquility in a one-ton beauty spring. Enjoy the balcony view of Lanyang Plain and remove yourself from the noise of the city for a deeply spiritual and charming stay.