Superior Twin Room

    Beds: 2 small beds
    Rooms: 22
    Size: 12ping
    Features: Situated in the optimum location of the hotel, the floor to ceiling windows are filled with the vibrant and beautiful Lanyang Plain. The spiritual landmark Guishan Island greets travelers, anxiously awaiting the excitement of your journey through Yilan.

    Facilities and Services:

    l electric kettle
    l hair dryer
    l electronic scale
    l safe deposit box
    l cable television
    l LCD TV
    l refrigerator / 1 set of beverages provided
    l reserved items for infants (infant bath tub/crib/pot for disinfecting bottles)

  • Room Types


    Standard Double Room 10ping NT$16,000
    Standard Twin Room 10ping NT$16,000
    Superior Twin Room 12ping NT$18,000
    Grand View Twin Room 14ping NT$20,000
    Deluxe Twin Room 14ping NT$26,000
    Yamagatakaku Room 16ping NT$30,000
    Yamagatakaku Suite 25ping NT$36,000

    1. All prices are in NTD and require a 10% service fee subject to change without notice.
    2. Infant specific items require reservation.
    3. Additional beds (mattresses) are available for certain room types for an additional charge.
    4. Check-in/Check-out Time: 15:00/11:00
    5. To maintain the quality of stay for our guests, visitors must check-out before 11 P.M.; those that exceed this time will be charged additional accommodation fees.
    6. Smoking is prohibited at Yamagata Kaku, thank you for your cooperation